Welcome to Nusic

The future of music sharing has arrived.

Ever find yourself listening to the same boring playlists on repeat? Lacking people to talk with about your favorite hits? Welcome to Nusic, a revolutionary app that brings out the best in music through community. Watch the video to see a complete demonstration of our app.

The Team

Meet the talented group of Alamo Heights High School students behind Nusic.

Emma Soupiset

Favorite Artist: Phoebe Bridgers

Emma is extremely creative and has always had a passion for music and singing. She is also incredible on the field and is on the Alamo Heights Varsity Soccer team. Additionally, Emma is a natural leader and a hard worker inside and outside of the classroom and is a member of Alamo Heights National Honor Society. She came across the idea for Nusic when she and several classmates shared the same issue: no new music and no people to talk to about music!

Caroline Daskevich

Favorite Genres: Country, Rock

An equestrian since the age of three, Caroline is fully dedicated to everything she does. A member of National Charity League & Honor Society, she exhibits excellent organizational and technological skills, making her the perfect candidate for CMO. Caroline became passionate about music through her brother, who is constantly sharing music with her. Because of this, she was eager to jump on board with Nusic when she first heard Emma's idea.

Quentin Gutierrez

Favorite Song:

Reelin' in the Years by Steely Dan

While Quentin is quick with numbers and keen with computers, like any true business man, he loves to play golf in all of his free time. Music and golf are his two pastimes in which he is able to connect with his friends and colleagues. Quentin is a great listener and an even better team player, always lending a hand to anyone who needs help or solving any problem that he can.