Welcome to Nusic

Nusic is a music social platform designed to help you connect with other music lovers in your community to effectively discover new music suggestions.

Why Nusic?

Before coming up with the idea of Nusic, four high-school students united under the common struggle of not being able to find new songs that they actually liked. Sure, there are personalized playlists on streaming services already, but they are generated by AI, and rarely suggest songs we like.

While seeking solutions to this problem, it occurred to the group that the art of listening to music had been almost entirely isolated to only individuals since the age of music streaming began. The community around music was just not the same as before; people now listen to music in their Airpods and don't discuss it much at all, other than with close friends or family.

Our Mission

And that's how Nusic was born. Here, our mission is to bring the community around music back to the age of making mixtapes or burning CDs for all of your colleagues, only without the hassle. At Nusic, all music lovers, no matter who they are, where they are from, or even what streaming service they use can restore that person-to-person connection that music was designed to convey in the first place.

How It Works

Prototype User Feed

Nusic will operate with a user feed, similar to many social media platforms, in which one may scroll through to view songs, albums, playlists, and more. These posts are shared by real users that you can discover and follow. People can share songs and caption them if they love them, can't wait for their friends to hear them, or just have something they're dying to say about them. Individuals can also direct message one another in order to create a deeper connection that goes beyond the music they're sharing!

Prototype User Profile

A mockup of a profile of a Nusic user, completely connected to their streaming services through API.

MVP Testing

Before jumping right in to creating our app, Nusic has performed many surveys, both online and in-person, along with gathering groups of volunteers with similar music interests on group chats to discuss music and share songs. From this in-depth research, Nusic found that 80% reported to struggling to efficiently find enjoyable new music using their current methods. Additionally, 70% of people liked to share music not only with friends, but also with people that they had just met online.